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Enigmatic – Jamar Henry, better known as OOJaybay (Pronounced: Double-O-Jay-bay) is an entrepreneur, psychologist, writer, recording/performance artist, and self-proclaimed "Space Cowboy." With a relational approach to writing and curating music, OOJaybay has been able to build a buzz stretching the lengths of the state of Florida and prospectively the continent. “I’ve always wanted to make music that people could feel. Dancing to the music is one thing, but my goal is always to say something that touches the heart and ignites the greatness within every individual.”

Raised in North Lauderdale, Florida, he began writing music in high school in secret to impress his older siblings and their peers but later found that it was an excellent means to express himself. It wasn’t until a friend in college signed him up to an open mic night event that he saw the affect that “16 Bars” had on a room full of people. He released his first mixtape in 2015 and the performances that followed would bring him in the presence of Record Label Execs and other notable artist within the music industry. Get in touch on the form below to be a part of a blossoming career.

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North Lauderdale, FL